Our project market is more than $350 billion

We’ll solve all the problems
in this industry,
provide crypto platform services
can be used safely and securely.

Days before presale

About Venus Coin

Venus Coin is a new crypto currency that can be safely and securely used for all the people who are involved in adult entertainment industry.

Target of industries witch we are going to get involved is “Night Entertainment” and “Sex Industry”.

You can pay fee, taxes with Venus Coin and
if you are service provider, you can also get paid with Venus Coin.

The market size of these industries are more than $ 350 billion and we are going to launch new platform and payment systems via Venus Coin.

These industries have many users and service providers, but they also contain many troubles as violence problems, wage unpaid, tax unpaid…etc

We believe that we can solve all the problems by using our platforms and Venus Coin.

Venus Platform

We will change this huge market with Venus Platform.
We will develop new payment systems with blockchain technology.

Venus settlement function

Venus Coin is based on ERC20, can be used in all the payments as service fee, wage and advertisement cost.

Our settlement system has a mechanism that enables settlement, deposit and withdrawal.

By using dedicated apps, wallets and debit cards, payment processing will be done quickly and safely.

By using Venus wallet, you can exchange Venus Coin to Venus point and use it as a settlement.

All the store can start Venus Coin settlement service by downloading the settlement application and register.

Venus Coin user can install Venus wallet, exchange to Venus point and use it as settlement via QR code payment.

Transaction history will remain to your wallet, but it keep high anonymity so that you can use our system safely.

Venus shops/job portal website

We will launch shop search portal website witch can use Venus Coin and job search website for people who involve in adult entertainment industry.

As a B to C service, Venus shop search portal website offers search service for adult entertainment and night entertainment. You can search by recommended shops by Venus project, area and purpose. Shops can deliver discount coupons and ads, casts also can approach users directly by posting on SNS. Shops can recruit people here and receive VNC as a bonus once applicants get recruited.

VIP Service

We offer VIP concierge services for the top rank Venus Coin holders for arrangements for limousines, helicopters and night cruising, reservations for luxury hotels and restaurants, etc. We also set up a multilingual Call Centre for English, Chinese, Korean and Spanish where can provide the concierge service according to the purposes.
We provide the service you can experience the benefit of holding a large amount of Venus Coin.

Market size of adult entertainment

People involved in adult entertainment

Roughly One hundred million people are involved in this market.

Market size

The maket size amounts to about 330 billion dollars.

Especially sex industry have an overwhelming market share but still it has a lot of problem as well.

Venus Wallet

Venus Coin exclusive wallet

Download Venus Wallet

Venus Wallet can be downloaded for free on App Store or Google Play.

About call center

These four websites above are available all over the world and accoridngly, we will establish a call center by which you can reserve and settle in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and so on. We can provide the one stop services 24 hours all over the world by reducing costs with IP telephone and developing human resources by making use of International students network. By registering and sharing the term of store’ s service(rule and way of using) in call center in advance, users can understand it and avoid troubles. This is how stores and employees can offer services and users can take services healthily.

About call center


Strong security by blockchain technology.
We will manage settlement and information on strong security by block chain.

By holding the secret key in the download terminal of the dedicated Wallet’s cold application, it is possible to hold all the coins owned by Wallet as cold wallet. VenusCoin stored on this wallet has functions available for QR code settlement and debit card settlement.

As an open coin
Other currency exchange
By making VenusCoin function as an open coin, you can exchange with other crypto currencies as BIT, ETH, etc.
By doing this, you can execute settlement using Venus Coin at stores introducing settlement such as BTC.

Road Map

Q4 2018
・Venus Coin project launched
・Venus Coin token launched based on ERC20
Q1 2019
・White paper completion
・Venus Coin website(LP) published
・Venus Coin wallet completion
・Kickoff private sale
Q2 2019
・Venus Coin event(Japan)
・Venus Coin event(planned in Indonesia)
・Portal site “” and “” released
・Start agency system
Q3 2019
・Kickoff presale
・Job offer site “” and “” released
Q4 2019
Listed on the exchange(Crypto Tower: Singapore)
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